Tony Duell ard at
Thu Aug 17 18:55:08 CDT 2006

> Hi,
> I am desperately trying to make room here so my ASR-33 has got to go.
> I'll either eBay it or ship it off for "long term storage"  ;-)
> In either case, I need to pack it so it will survive the
> UPS gorillas.
> I figured pull the mechanism off the base (is the base REALLY
> worth saving??) and put it in one box (the mechanism) and

Remember there's the reader power supply in the stand (and maybe other 

> the "skin" in another.  Wrap each in plastic.  Shoot the
> *mechanism* box full of self-expanding foam -- so everything is
> encased in a conformal block of foam (the plastic wrap
> preventing the foam from migrating into the mechanism itself).
> And pack the skin in "cheetos" (peanuts)?
> Does this sound like a safe approach?  It usually works for


I assume by 'mechanism' you mean the whole machine, keyboard, reader, 
'typing unit', etc. Now, the 'typing unit' -- the main mechanical chassis 
is _not_ fixed down. It rests on rubber mounts, only, If it comes loose 
in shipping, and it will, it will do a lot of damage.

Eithter fit the shipping screw (if you have it) into the hole on the 
bottom to anchor the typing unit to the base pan. Or remove the cover, 
unhoom the H-plate that links the typing unit to the keyboard (rear right 
of the keyboard), unplug the cables at the back of the call control unit, 
and remove the typing unit completely. Pack that separately.


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