ISO: Sony "WATCHman"

Don THX1138 at
Fri Aug 18 17:11:28 CDT 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
[a Sinclair Flat Screen TV?]

> If you want to use one, try to get the entire TV. You need some scan 
> correction (Due to the different distance of the 2 edges of the screen 
> from the gun, the natural raster is wedge-shaped!). The Microvision TV 
> contains a custom chip (22 pins IIRC) that contains this stuff, the scan 
> oscillators, the IF strip, and so on. Fortuately, it is possible to feed 
> composite video into it somwhow (I forget the exact details, I have some 
> notes _somewhere_.

This seems to be (quite?) a bit larger than the watchman.
As if they aimed for *flat* (whereas sony aimed for "small").

Given your other comments (and the fact that it is probably
going to be harder to find than even a watchman would be!),
I'll probably take a pass on it  :>

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