ISO: Sony "WATCHman"

Don THX1138 at
Fri Aug 18 20:20:21 CDT 2006

John Allain wrote:
> 1) Attempting to get back on target, I too have a watchman with a faulty
> screen, black IIRC.
> 2) It would be fun to find someone who cracked the Watchman format so
> as to be able to author "new" disks.

Huh?  Are we talking about the same device?  The watchman that
I am referencing is just a television.  B&W.  With a "real"
(though "bent") CRT.

> 3) Going off onto the tangent, I have found some camcorders with BW tubes
> that take standard NTSC signals.  Not sure how commonly the standard signals
> are used on various monitors' pinouts.  Modern equipment mfg'ers must punch
> out OEM Color LCD monitor assemblies for about $20/each.  It's a shame that
> the only NTSC/or/VGA ready mini-monitors (sub 2") I've seen start at about
> $700.
> John A.
> s/monitor/monitor pod subassembly/

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