Anyone have an Apple Modem 1200 or 300 manual?

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Sat Aug 19 15:47:39 CDT 2006

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> Not sure what it looks like, other than it was built around 1983 or so,
> and it's an external modem.
> Like this one:
> From:

I dug out my modem and manual and they are for model A9M0304, the auction
you showed is for A9M0301 so I do not know what the difference would be
between them. Since the auction is in a new box I would think the manual is
inside anyway. If the modem is like mine then there are 4 different cables
available for it (1) Mac Plus/IIgs, (2) Original Mac, (3) Apple II, II+,
IIe, III, Mac Xl, and finally (4) Apple IIc). My modem is supposed to be
1200 BAUD also but I have never tried it.

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