Nixdorf LK3000 (OT?)

jim stephens jwstephens at
Sun Aug 20 17:54:48 CDT 2006

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:

> I hope this qualifies for a classic computer.  If not then wipe it out.
> I have a Nixdorf LK 3000 and LK 3500 module that I was preparing to
> put on E Bay but discovered it didnt work.

I hope someone gets you the correct battery description.  If not, you
may have one which requires either 3v or 6v.  Usually batteries are
not absolutely necessary, so if you power it up, and set the options
up, does it stay set, or loose the settings on a reboot?

You might search for a clock chip and see if you could get the
voltage that is required to hold it up, as another approach.

>   Shows what 70 years will do to your memory.  I dont even
> remember removing the battery pack!

It can take as few as 53 years to have that happen, from personal

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