Compaq Portable III fails POST?

Josef Chessor josefcub at
Mon Aug 21 01:21:43 CDT 2006

> I had the same problem with my Portable 386 because the PSU died, when I
> disconnected the hard drive it started up ok. All I've got left of it is a
> pile of spare parts, e.g. mem board, Weitek etc. I don't know how different
> it is from the Portable III. The CMOS battery lasted around 12 years, so I'm
> not too bothered about replacing it with another (although expensive)
> lithium.

I've been fortunate with my P/386...  Found it at a Goodwill, as a
rebranded "Network General Sniffer" box ($20!) with the backpack
containing old thinnet and token ring cards...  After putting the
cards up safe, adding a modern 10bT card, archiving the operating
software (DOS and Network General OEM software), adding a 387, and
installing a Linux CLI (6MB of RAM), it's been a pretty sweet
terminal/compiler/toy box...

*knocks on wood*  My CMOS battery is still good, as is the 40MB Connor
HDD.  Long live the good years of Compaq!


PS: And praise the Gods this one still worked after I reassembled it,
not like my last Portable III.
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