stack smashing

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Wed Aug 23 20:02:11 CDT 2006

An informant has reported Will as stating

> Use an AS/400. Hackproof and crashproof.

And downright hobbyist-hostile.

(where Sun is hobbyist friendly,
SGI is hobbyist-indifferent (we really don't care if you use our machines, just don't
expect any help from us))

Time-locked loadable microcode, impossible-to-transfer licenses and sky-high license fees if you
can get IBM to talk to you. Saw a AS/400, found out about it, gave it a wide berth. Guess it must be like
the HP3000 with too much of a  "black" commercial market to risk anything that would make the systems 
easier to "misappropriate" commercially.

Pity, everything I've heard about them is good. And the AIX group is hobbyist-indifferent.

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