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Hi, Chuck,

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On 27-Aug-06 at 10:51 Chuck Guzis wrote:

>IIRC, that file CORE303.EXE in the UTellMe  directory is an old DOS disk
>performance test from Core International, long since absorbed by Aiwa.
>Core made disk controllers, and disk drives, and later tape drives.  The


	So that's what that is! I've had it around for over a decade, could never remember why I kept it, where I came across it, etc.

>At any rate, be careful.  At one time, CORE303 was widely distributed
>publicly and many copies are infected with a boot-sector virus.

	This particular copy appears to be clean. I've scanned it with the latest issue of AVG Antivirus.

	My question: Should I even bother keeping it around? Is it of any real value, historical or otherwise?

	If so, I'll create a subcategory for it, or stick it in an existing one. If not, PURGE! ;-)

	Let me know, please. Thanks!

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