"File types"

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Aug 28 16:22:11 CDT 2006

> When did the notion of "file types" creep into computing?
> Hmmm... poorly phrased.  How about: "When did the notion of
> file *associations* (?) creep in?".

I think that this is a logical extension of a Graphical User Interface.  As
such Apple is likely to be the one to "blame" for it.

> persists?  Has Apple abandoned the "hidden" file creator
> attributes of earlier MacOS in newer OS's (e.g., OS X)?
> Or, have they bowed to user pressure and implemented a
> "me-too" scheme?

Sadly Apple went with the NeXT way of doing things with Mac OS X.  There
seems to be very little of the Classic Mac OS in Mac OS X.  While I think
that getting rid of resource forks is a good thing, was it really necessary
to drop the file creator attributes?  Very frequently I have files of a
certain type .JPEG for example, where I want to open certain files of that
type with one program, and others with another.  With the file creator
attributes this worked just fine.  With the Microsoft & Mac OS X "one size
fits all" attitude, only one app will be associated with *ALL* files with
that extension.


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