Statement & apology (was Re: 10 Year Rule)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Tue Aug 29 10:57:55 CDT 2006

At 9:51 AM -0500 8/29/06, Jay West wrote:
>The revocation date was 2005/05/08:

This didn't even have an appropriate subject line, a lot (most?) of 
us never saw it.

>"The definition of On Topic", Jan 2005

This sounds like an attempt to define a totally different list than 
this has *EVER* been.  If I read this correctly we should avoid 
speaking of Unix, OpenVMS, Mac OS, and even Amiga OS, and maybe even 
TOS.  That leaves a pretty narrow field.  Even I can recognize that 

And yes, as you've no doubt figured I feel quite strongly about this 
subject as do several other members who have been here a very long 
time.  Just because something a fair number of us are either 
disinterested in, or actively dislike becomes on topic is not a 
reason to change one of the founding principles of this list.  In 
fact it goes against another founding principle of the list.


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