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Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Wed Aug 30 16:14:21 CDT 2006

I looked in a box here that I hadn't looked into in a while,  and found this 

It's _not_ ISA, PCI, or any of those formats.  Says on the top "Panther EDAC 
Memory Board".  There's also what appears to be an NCR copyright on it, 1993.

There are a half dozen big chips across the bottom where the edge connectors 
are,  5 of them marked VLSI and one NCR with a 1990 copyright date on it,  
and eight SIMM (?) sockets,  but these are not your standard ones -- if I 
take a 72-pin SIMM and line it up with the notch with one of the occupied 
sockets on the board,  I have 3-4 pins left over (on the part on the board) 
at each end.  Four of the sockets are occupied.  The two in the middle that 
aren't are labeled "Bank-1/3 Byte-2" and "Bank-1/3 Byte-1",  I can't see the 
markings for the other ones and don't want to pop these SIMMs out at the 

Near the center of the board are four other sockets,  with a chip in one of 
them,  looks almost like a SIP but the pins are in two rows,  real close 
together,  coming out of the same side of the package (what do you call 
this?) and the part in the one socket that's occupied is marked "Toshiba" and 

There are also 3 barcoded stickers one of which bears the date "Oct 31 1994" 
in the middle of two barcodes.

This *may* belong with that NCR tower that went out of here a while back, I 
don't know for sure.

Anybody know what it is?

Anybody maybe have a use for it?

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