A tree to grow

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Aug 31 20:11:01 CDT 2006

Tony wrote....
> To be honest, I didn't much care for the 10 year rule,

In that case, I sure would have appreciated more input from you when the 
definition was being discussed. Was there any reason you didn't provide some 
help to come up with something better than the 10 year rule if you didn't 
care that much for it? Help from you would have been awesome! But I am glad 
to hear that yet another person finds the 10 year rule problematic.

> I am seriously considering unsubscribing over this. Not because of the
> noise on the list. Not because I have any particular love of the
> 10-year-rule (or any other date-related rule). But because I now have no
> idea what this list is actually supposed to be talking about. And there
> seems little point in remaining on such a list.

So your reason for unsubbing would be because you don't understand what this 
list is talking about? Sure, there's some argument about the finer details 
and probably the definition needs tweaking. But I seriously doubt that 
people (and you) honestly don't know what this list is about. I'm sure I and 
others on the list would like to get your help in the definition instead of 
you just saying "I don't understand it, so I'm leaving".


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