Byte magazines: 1976 - 1986

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> Amazingly enough, I actually care more about the articles than the adverts
> old magazines - partly because most of the stuff can't be purchased
> In fact, every time I've seen someone ask about a magazine on here, they
> asking for an article, not asking about ads in it.

I snagged a bunch of MacWorld and MacUser magazines from a list member a
while ago, I got them for both the advertisements and the articles. I like
collecting Nubus cards and accelerators and the advertisements give me a
good idea of what was out there over the years (same with software). There
is very little information on items from companies that died out was before
the WWW was popular so magazines of the era are a good way to see what was
being sold (and it is amusing to see the list prices of some of the items).

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