ZX-81 / TS 1000 keyboards

Al Hartman alhartman at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 16:33:50 CST 2006

I'd like to pursue this. My partner is checking into a company he found 
as well.

We have plenty of old keyboards which have breaks in the tracks due to 
age, which can be used as models.

He is tearing one apart to scan in for artwork.

We'll have to differentiate the reproductions from originals in some 
way, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

As for ZX-81 Kits, Stewart is still selling them at www.zebrasystems.com

Phila, PA
>    This is very true of course...but (apparently I missed Al  
> Hartman's earlier message about this) I know of a company that can  
> make these keyboards.  A few years ago, I designed a commercial  
> product which had a membrane keyboard.  A few photos of it in  
> development (with those membrane keyboards) can be seen at:
>    http://www.neurotica.com/albums/qyx/
>    I don't recall the name of the company that did the keyboards, but  
> I can dig it up from my notes if desired.  They are here in Florida,  
> and I recall them having been highly capable and easy to work with.   
> We can probably make exact ZX81/TS1000 keyboard replicas through that  
> company.
>    I sure wouldn't mind getting ahold of one or two of those ZX81  
> kits.  Will someone be making them available at some point?
>                   -Dave
> -- Dave McGuire Cape Coral, FL

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