Paper tape supply, was Re: paper tape for GNT 4601

Tore Sinding Bekkedal toresbe at
Sat Dec 2 17:28:28 CST 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 20:24 -0400, William Donzelli wrote:
> > I imagine that many paper suppliers ought to be able
> > to provide tape on a custom basis, given a
> > sufficiently large order, but I was led to believe
> > that the specs for such tape as laid out in the
> > relevant standards were a bit difficult to fulfil,
> > particularly for oiled tape.
> I would think that it should not be too impossible to make your own if the
> supply gets really short. 

I think that if this ever happened, an alternative might very well be to
just pool together as a bunch of hobbyists and order paper tapes
custom-made? I think paper mills have catered to smaller markets in the


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