HP Time-Shared Basic

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Dec 2 21:30:33 CST 2006

Bill wrote...
>I was recenlty given a copy of the "A Quick Reference to HP Time-Shared 
>BASIC" Printed 9/1969.
I'm generally more interested in 2000E and 2000/Access variants of TSB, as 
that's what I have actually running. If anyone can get an HP fixed head 
disc, we could get 2000A running again but I kinda doubt those are around - 
I and others have looked :)

The quick reference guide for 2000A would be a rather good artifact to have 
archived from a historical perspective. Any chance we could get it up on 
bitsavers after you scan it?

> The system associated with the guide is the Hewlet-Packard 2000A.
I'm quite familiar with it :) 2000A version of TSB had really minimal 
hardware requirements, most trivial to find the parts... except that fixed 
head disc - there's a deal breaker. 2000E is the easiest to run as it 
doesn't require anything TOO difficult to find other than the 12920 mux 
sets. 2000/Access is the most fun though - most full featured - and best 

Jay West

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