ClassicCmp Awareness

Jay West jwest at
Sat Dec 2 21:33:45 CST 2006

Marvin wrote...
> I've been selling some stuff on ebay and have found a number of people who
> aren't aware that this listserver exists.
I sell a fair amount on ebay as well (but of course, buy more than I sell!). 
I'm continually amazed by how many people I find on ebay who DO know about 
the list and are subscribed but rarely if ever post and no one on the list 
knows who they are ;)

> Basically, I'm referring them to the
> ClassicCmp website and they can view the archives and decide if they want 
> to
> join.
Bless you :) Much appreciated!

> I wonder if a link to the Vintage Computer Marketplace would be 
> appropriate to
> put on the ClassicCmp home page?
There is a plan for this in the links database. However, I need to get in 
touch with the web developer to see where things stand. Been way too long 
since I heard from him....

Jay West 

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