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Micro Center isn't great, but I remember it being terrific (when I used to
live in Cambridge) vs. CompUSA where I live now in New Jersey.  I wish we
had Micro Center or Frys here!!!

There's a place nearby in Manhattan called Computer Book Works which has a
great selection but it's expensive.  That also makes me miss Cambridge --
there was Quantum Books, the MIT Press Bookstore, and the MIT Coop Bookstore
all within one square (errr, triangular) block.

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Zane H. Healy wrote:

>>D'ya mean like Knuth for $1 a volume?
>What percentage of the list just turned green with envy?
I did that at Fullerton, Ca. library sale.  I recently got several very good
Architechure books (Compter style) at Cypress, CA.'s sale last summer,
including one which covered one of my interests, the Microdata 3200.  Also
covered was the way that the 360 firmware (360/50) was modified to run CPS,
which I used at UMR in college.

I was amazed to find two things that were so close to my interest at a
random book sale event.

My favorite was not at a Library book sale, but a Micro Center some years

They decided to start thinning out books in there book section, which used
to be quite good, and started by marking all the K&R's down to $5.00 each.
And those were the second edition ones.  I bought them all, of course.

BTW, at least here in Orange county they have decimated their once excellent
book section for a huge flashy game display room.  I can't blame them, but
they are such bozos of marketing, I wish they would have kept the books

I wonder how they survive againt the likes of Fry's and Comp USA (Fry's
anyway).  I do have to admire them for being persistant.  Just wish they had
not destroyed the book section.

Down here in the Orange county area, the only book store that had had
technical books of any use was Irvine Science and Technical books, but they
closed their storefront and got some totally different domain name and went
internet, as has OpAmp in LA.  So now it is all amazon, i guess, with no
useful place to stroll the aisles.


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