Machine Independent Storage Idea...

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Dec 6 17:35:18 CST 2006

On 6 Dec 2006 at 14:24, John R. wrote:

> A good start:

Thanks for the link!

An interesting idea.  If my mind isn't playing tricks on me, there 
also was a similar commercial device for the PeeCee sometime during 
the 80's.  Freakishly expensive, even for then.

The SVD widget appears to store decoded data (256KB SRAM), which 
means it has to know something about the system it's working with.  I 
haven't looked at the firmware listing yet, so I'm fuzzy on details.

Is it better to store undecoded data streams (like a Catweasel) or 
the decoded data?  My inclination is to deal with raw track data 
without attempting to interpret it.  Requires quite a bit more memory 
to store data, but has fewer limitations.


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