Machine Independent Storage Idea...

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Dec 7 10:05:38 CST 2006

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Thursday 07 December 2006 07:08, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> (I've often wondered if I can do this with my digital camera, and the
>> camera will automagically know how much storage it has - but I presume
>> that because the camera uses a FAT filesystem it'll get upset around
>> the 500MB mark and probably not recognise anything beyond that)
> FAT16 works fine up to 2GB, and you can buy 4GB and larger flash memory 
> for cameras...  It's possible that your camera will do FAT32 just fine, 
> and work with larger than 2GB filesystems.

Interesting. The camera's manual (it's a Canon G5 so what, three or four years 
old?) doesn't list anything past 256MB - but then it's quite possible that 
256MB was the biggest (and 'Canon approved') card around at the time.

I tend to find that if I'm taking shots of things like PCBs that it takes a 
while to get the tripod and backdrop set up 'just right', so anything that 
doesn't require me to disturb the camera (such as swapping CF cards) is a plus.

Other than that it's not a problem anyway, so it was more a case of idle 
speculation as to whether it would work :-)



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