Machine Independent Storage Idea...

Jay West jwest at
Thu Dec 7 10:11:46 CST 2006

I haven't been following this thread too closely... but if it's going to be 
a machine independent storage device, why is there talk about it being a 
replacement for a floppy drive? Most of the machines in my collection didn't 
have floppy drives available. There was also talk of holding the flux 
transitions in a memory buffer. Is that possible on a machine with only 
say... 8K of core when you consider the additional software that must be 
present in the machine to interface?

I would think the best interface to a host is serial (from a common 
denominator standpoint), and then provide different software on each host to 
make it appear as a drive of the chosen type.

In other words, let the same device that can act as an RL02 on an DEC 11/20 
also act as a 7900A on an HP 2100. I'd sure be willing to attempt finding 
time to write the HP specific end :)

Jay West 

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