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Jules Richardson said:

> Out of interest, what do I need in the way of TCP/IP software / configuration 
> and FTP client software so that I can connect to a remote FTP server from MSDOS?
> I don't think I've ever set up such a config from scratch. I can live with 
> 10Mbps speeds if required (would DOS drivers even drive a card at anything 
> more anyway?)
> NIC cards I seem to have available:
>    Netgear FA310TX (PCI)
>    HP 88809L (ISA)
>    3Com Etherlink III (PCI)
>    3Com Etherlink III (ISA)
>    Asix NV100AM (PCI)
>    'Network Everywhere' NC100 (PCI)
>    3Com 3C905 (PCI)
> The ISA boards perhaps have the drawback that they're software configurable, 
> so I have no idea what settings they'll want to use (or which interface), or 
> how well they'll behave in the new-ish system I need to put a card in. The PCI 
> boards on the other hand are newer so maybe DOS drivers don't even exist for 
> them...
> (Etherlink III's were always reliable I seem to recall, but I never did like 
> the idea of them being software configurable; it was much nicer to have 
> jumpers on a card and *know* what it was configured as!)

Mr Sullivan has pointed you to suitable resources, but if you run into 
problems drop me an email, I run a couple of DOS machines using FTP,
telnet etc.   I'm using 3Com Etherlink (ISA) and an old NE2000 compat.
both work a treat using the crynwr driver.   Software config is no
problem on the 3Com cards, there's a DOS program for the job available
from 3Com, or whatever they're known as now.  (I've got copies anyway)
The NCSA Telnet package includes a FTP client/server.

Now if only there was Lynx for DOS :-)

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