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Warren Wolfe wizard at
Thu Dec 7 13:56:47 CST 2006

On Thu, 2006-12-07 at 06:08 -0600, Jules Richardson wrote:

> If the interface is CF, which is just IDE, then I suppose it's possible to 
> just hook an IDE hard disk up instead. Maybe :-)
> (I've often wondered if I can do this with my digital camera, and the camera 
> will automagically know how much storage it has - but I presume that because 
> the camera uses a FAT filesystem it'll get upset around the 500MB mark and 
> probably not recognise anything beyond that)

    I personally use a 1 GB Compact Flash card in my Nikon 990, and it
sees the whole Gig.  Any point of confusion not related to specific
devices must be 'north' of that point, and probably past that of the 4GB
cards I have seen advertised.  Due to binary math, 16 GB could well be a
cut-off point.  Apparently, some cards HAVE large (1Gb or greater) hard
disks on them, also, so they may be even more expandable that that.  (Of
course, how a hard drive fits on a CF card form factor boggles MY mind,
at least...)

    Oh, and thanks to EVERYONE who has commented on this topic.  It's
not really surprising that this subject generated some interest, but the
depth and range of the discussion has been most gratifying and
interesting.  Thanks, again, to all involved!


            Warren E. Wolfe
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