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> > that's all relevant of course, if it's a big
> > production house, producing thousand or millions
> of
> > boards. But the outifits that make these
> retro-fits
> > (LOL LOL no pun intended) are done in a garage
> more
> > then likely. So that being said, just use
> individual
> > ic's. Or perhaps it's alot about protecting their
> > investment. But I would also have to say a
> > considerable amount of development time goes into
> > designing something that way.
> > Why doesn't someone just draw up PLANS to build
> this
> > stuff, and sell that? I'd buy it for sure (well,
> if it
> > was for something groovy I owned...).
> Well even if you only make 50, a GAL may save a lot
> of after the fact PCB 
> editing with an X-acto knife...

 Yeah but X-actos are cheap. And I got them already. A
GAL programmer is going to take some doing. I hope
that homebrewed one doesn't require a GAL, cuz then
I'm out in the cold.
> Also a CPLD (maybe a 9536XL) is about as cheap as a
> GAL now ($1.00 or so), 
> much more capable, and programmable with nothing but
> a parallel port (JEDEC 
> ISP)

 Well not just the parallel port I'm sure. Hope
someone posts the url that has plans for that...

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