Apple-1 History?

Ray Arachelian ray at
Fri Dec 8 13:55:55 CST 2006

Hmmm, wasn't last night (or a day before) a full moon?  I think that
would explain the, um, interesting exchange. ;-)

>From what little I know of the KIM-1, it was a single board computer
without a case.  It did have an LED segment display and a hexadecimal
keyboard.  Nothing to write home about.  The Apple ][ (and not to be an
Apple biggot, so I'll mention the PET) were more complete computers.

Dave Dunfield wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've been having an esclating correspondance with a chap named
> "Murray Balascak" (anyone know him?) - who contacted me regarding
> his displeasure with my mention of the Apple-1 on the Apple-II page of
> my site - here is what I have posted as part of my introdiuction to the
> Apple-II:

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