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> On 8 Dec 2006 at 10:43, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> > I've read several replies indicating that the drive needs to be taken apart.
> > People have also advocated just "hitting" the drive to break the stiction.
> I don't think what some of the folks were talking about was 
> "stiction".  It seemed as if the positioner itself were stuck.  IIRC. 
> In the case of stiction, the spindle motor itself cannot overcome the 
> adhesion between the platters and the heads, so the drive never spins 
> up.
> I've got an SA-4008 that I'm wondering about--obviously the spindle 
> motor spins the platters up to speed, but the drive doesn't come 
> ready (it did about 5 years ago when I last powered it).  I'm 
> wondering if there's a stuck positioner issue on that one.  Anyone 
> have any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Chuck

I have seen may of the older drives have the rubber on 
the head position stops go bad and hang up the head
position or cause it to stick.  I have been daring and 
opened up the drive to clean it off. if this is the problem
it can of coarse trash the drive if it gets off the stop post.

Cleaning is on easy and takes some time.

The next challenge is getting something to replace it with out 
taking the drive apart. (head alignment.) On some Quantumn 8"
dives I spilt some tubing and rapped it around the post with
contact glue.  

So far they still work


Jerry Wright
JLC inc.

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