Data General Dasher D1 - pinout information...

Erik Baigar erik at
Sat Dec 9 09:04:20 CST 2006

Dear folklorists,

recently I got hands on a "Data General Dasher D1", 
DGC Part number DGC 002 005116. Today I roestored it
and analyzed how it works. For those interested, here
a short description:

(a) PCB made by Keytronic Corp. KTC in 10/1979,
    Part. No. A65-01538-01.

(b) On this are some well known Chips (7474, 7437
    74123, ...) and a CPU labeled 30293E-003 

(c) On the PCB is a 20pin PCB-connector and 
    according to my analysis this is a parallel
    port where the Dasher directly transmits  

(d) Protocol and pinout: 1,2 : GND
    3,4: +5V (approx 350-400mA).
    5: /Strobe (a low-pulse of 1us 
       signals that new data is valid
       on the parallel output lines 
       D0-D7). Data is applied approx
       5us before the strobe appears.
    6: N.C.
    7: D7, 8:D0, 9:D5, 10: D2, 11: D3,
    12: D4, 13: D1, 14: D6,
    15-17: N.C. 
    18-20: Outputs of still unkonwn
       purpose (originate from the 7437).
       Maybe related to the BREAK key - 
       this is the only key which does 
       not generate an ASCII-Code and a
       strobe pulse.
Maybe this helps someone who wants to 
restore/debug/analyze/reuse one of these

   Best regards,


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