TMS340x0 (was: Any early DSP fans?)

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Dec 11 12:45:23 CST 2006

> Talking of DSPs reminded me of the graphics chips family that TI
> created in the mid 80s, the TMS34010 was the first part.
> Does anyone have equipment that utilizes this chip or have an
> opportunity to work with them directly?

Yes. I have something that calls itself an 'Ultra-X', I assume it's some 
fairly early X-terminal. Physically, it's a pizza-box sized unit, and 
take a VGA monitor (standard DE15 connector), PC-like keyboard (5 pin DIN 
connecotr),serial mouse (DE9). I think it has serial and ethernet (AUI 
and thinwire) interfaces to the host.

Anyway, it uses a 34010. In fact the X server runs on the 34010 (there's 
a daughterboasrd full of EPROMs that contain the Xserver and fonts, this 
is connected only to the 34010 bus). There's also an 808118 for I/O


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