Cleaning disk packs

Ed Groenenberg quapla at
Mon Dec 11 10:33:59 CST 2006

> Richard wrote:
>> In article <457CB284.4070406 at>,
>>     Guy Sotomayor <ggs at>  writes:
>>> [...]  Cleaning a pack takes about 20
>>> minutes (including disassembly and reassembly) so don't expect these to
>>> be done quickly.
>> Just out of curiosity, what's your procedure for cleaning them?
> See Lyle's reply below.  It's not really that hard.  I usually clean the
> outside of the pack first to get as much crud off of the pack before I
> split it open.  I then remove the screws that hold the two halves of the
> pack (every other one around...2 passes and all of the screws are out).
> Since the pack is upside down to remove the screws I then remove the
> bottom cover.  At this point the platter can be removed.  I use 99.9%
> alcohol and lint free cloths.  Having the platter exposed allows for
> careful inspection of the surfaces.  I'm *very* conservative about the
> condition of the platter.  I've rejected a number of platters already
> because of scratches, groves, burnt oxide, etc.  I then clean the inside
> of the pack (usually just blow air).  Reassembly is the reverse of
> disassembly(tm).
>> Is there a similar procedure that should be done for RL01 disk packs?
> I have an automatic pack cleaner for RL01/02 packs.

I have one for RK05 cartridges.
Very funny to see it in operation, a little arm with cleanin pads attached
to it move very slowely out and in while the disk spins at around 3 - 5 rpm.


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