Cleaning disk packs

Ed Groenenberg quapla at
Mon Dec 11 15:18:36 CST 2006

>> > I have an automatic pack cleaner for RL01/02 packs.
>> >
>> I have one for RK05 cartridges.
>> Very funny to see it in operation, a little arm with cleanin pads
>> attached
>> to it move very slowely out and in while the disk spins at around 3 - 5
>> rpm.
> If that's the official DEC one, then the one for RL packs is the same
> apart from the bits that hold the pack (they are quite hard to tell
> apart, therefore). I found that out the hard way when scavenging with a
> friend, we foudn 2 of the machines, assumed they were the same and took
> one each. He got the TK05 one, I got the RL one...
> -tony

It is the official DEC one (grey plastic, about 60 by 60 cm).
When I found it, it came with 2 boxes of pads and three sealed
iso-propyl containers. The iso-propyl did vaporise through the
seals over time.


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