Targa/TIGA/??? was Re: TMS340x0

Kelly Leavitt kelly at catcorner.org
Mon Dec 11 17:24:39 CST 2006

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> I remember there being a product by AT & T which was
> capable of manipulationg "microdots" (micropels?,
> thereby creating screen resolutions much greater then
> was common in those days. It was a boardset and may
> have been built around the 34010 (not sure about that
> though - I think the product was called Targa, and I
> could have confused Targa and TIGA). 

I remeber the AT&T TARGA. Output was to a RGB monitor. Input via tablet with a puck and a wand. They had it running on a Wyse PC/286. I wrote a converter to the Amiga IFF and PC GIF, but I can't find the source any more.

I worked at the video lab for the County College of Morris (in New Jersey) back in 90-92. They also had some SGI stuff and some film printers for the PC. All networked via ethernet. Pretty advanced for a community college.


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