History of EDA (electronic design automation)?

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>  >> Have you seen the prices of just a single seat of that kind of
>  >> software?
>  >
>  > Yes, but I hadn't thought about licensing, that's a good point.
>  >
>  > I wonder if these companies even keep around a piece of their history
>  > or if its lost forever?
> Look at the company you work for.

Worked :-).  I haven't worked at E&S since um... 1994, I think.

> Does E&S have copies of everything that they have produced?

I didn't see things earlier than 1988 when I was there; I never saw a
Line Drawing System, a Picture System or a Picture System II.  I did
see a PS/390.

> The rest of the world is no different. Once a product is no longer a 
> source of revenue, it is disposed of. If it is archived, the chances of 
> anyone getting access to it outside the company is vanishingly small.

I wonder if any hobbyist has ever tried to secure a source code escroe
on the stuff they use :-).
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