ebay seller computermkt

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Dec 13 16:16:10 CST 2006

Richard wrote....
> He doesn't seem to have much of anything in the minicomputer realm.
> Almost everything seems to be microcomputers.  Although he does have
> some weird stuff I haven't heard of before I read "Collectible
> Microcomputers".

And I'm minicomputer only? I daresay my heathkit (808x & Z80) collection FAR 
outweighs my mini collection - at least in volume. Add to that my love for 
Apple ]['s, I've got a bunch of MC68000 systems, and a few 80286 non-pc's... 
I wasn't looking at him for minicomputer stuff ;)

Matter of fact, most (but not all) folks I'm aware of that collect big-iron 
also collect some smaller (micro) systems. And last I checked, many of us 
have DEC micros like the 11/23 :D


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