IBM 3725 Communications Controller

jim stephens jwstephens at
Wed Dec 13 20:56:05 CST 2006

Richard wrote:

>Does anyone have experience with one of these puppies?  There's one
>for dirt cheap on ebay right now, item 170059136469.
>Its Big.  Its Blue.  Its Heavy.
>Its IBM!
It looks like an excellent specimen.  It's on the wrong coast, and too 
large for my collection.

the big problem with IBM communications gear like this is that it only 
runs with IBM licensed
software.  The public domain versions of MVS an VM won't support it, and 
Linux on the
mainframe does not either.

Also it probably is attached via channels, as evidenced by the cable 
block on the lower
picture, which makes it a bit of a white elephant in todays data 
centers, which have moved
to ESCON for the most part.

At one time, I think the 3705, a predecessor was a modified 370 
processor with a very
nice front panel.  This one lacks that to make it pretty, and probably 
makes it a bit safer
from scrappers who hack out such things and sell them alone.


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