Looking for HP inverse assemblers for HP1631D

Ken Rother ksr at krother.com
Fri Dec 15 09:56:53 CST 2006

Would it possible to post a link about the HP Disk emulator software. I have 
a 1631A and have been looking for a cost effective storage solution. I am 
also looking for a cost effective printing solution but I might just buy a 
HPIB printer for that. Also which Yahoo HP group are you referring to? Sorry 
for all the question


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Subject: Looking for HP inverse assemblers for HP1631D

> Hi there,
> Been lurking (and learning) for a few week here.
> Lots of interesting topics for sure.
> Do any of you have inverse assemblers for the HP1631D
> logic analyzer ? Specifically, I am looking for the files that
> go with the 10342B interface (RS232/422 and HPIB capable)
> but I'd also be interested in inverse assemblers for any CPU.
> BTW, the 1631D is connected to my PC using an HP disk drive
> emulator written by a fella from the Yahoo HP group. The files
> are therefore loaded and saved right from my PC via HPIB. The code
> is pretty new but already functional. This meant reverse engineering
> the CRC being sent from the original HP driver over the HPIB link - no
> small job in itself.
> Regards to all,
> Benoit Robert

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