Looking for HP inverse assemblers for HP1631D

B.Robert robertb3 at tradewindscientific.com
Fri Dec 15 10:28:21 CST 2006

Hi there,

Been lurking (and learning) for a few weeks here.
Lots of interesting topics for sure.

Do any of you have inverse assemblers for the HP1631D logic analyzer ?
Specifically, I am looking for the files that go with the 10342B interface
(RS232/422 and HPIB capable) but I'd also be interested in inverse
assemblers for any CPU. I have one to date.

BTW, the 1631D is connected to my PC using an HP disk drive
emulator written by a fella from the Yahoo HP group. The files
are therefore loaded and saved right from my PC via HPIB. The code
is pretty new but already functional. This meant reverse engineering
the CRC being sent from the original HP driver over the HPIB link - no
small job in itself.

This is my second attempt at posting on the list - I apologize if this
ends up being a duplicate post.

Regards to all,
Benoit Robert

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