IRIS Indigo & IRIX Versions

Pete Edwards stimpy.u.idiot at
Sun Dec 17 17:08:26 CST 2006

Hi List,
I have an R3000 Indigo with GR2-Elan graphics and a system disk with a
working copy of IRIX 4.0.5. The provenance of these 2 items is different,
which explains why the GR2-Elan doesn't seem to be supported by the
4.0.5kernel  that's on the  disk.
Does anyone know if any rev or patch of 4.0.5 ever supported GR2-Elan?
The hardware is definitely working as I have a 5.3 install working nicely.
Was 4.0.5 ever shipped on CD? I don't remember ever seeing it on anything
other than QIC tape.
64K £/$/E question - does anyone have 4.0.5 in a form that can be made


Pete Edwards
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