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On Sunday 17 December 2006 20:18, Richard wrote:
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> > It looks like the IBM 5360 in Kansas is back on ebay (the seller
> > says that the buyer didn't pick it up; probably didn't realize the
> > size of these things...)
> >
> > http://search.ebay.com/130059850446
> What's a 5251 display station?  Looks like a terminal to me :-).

A 5251 is a 5250-style twinax terminal.  ASCII, but not useful unless you 
have an S/36 or AS/400 system to use it with.

Twinax was the networking method that S/36 (and later AS/400, and 
possibly other S/3x systems) used to attach terminals and printers to 
the host.  It's basically the equivalent of a 3270-style terminal 
attachment to a S/3x0 serial mainframe, except that on the S/3x0, you 
have some sort of terminal controller box between the host and the 
terminal, and 525x terminals attach directly to the host (each device 
has an In and Out port, so you run the cable from the host to Term 1 to 
Term 2 to printer 1 to ... and terminate the last device.  newer (maybe 
all?) devices auto-terminate if there's no twinax cable plugged into 
the "out" port.)

You can also pick up "5250 emulation cards", which allow your PC to 
emulate a 5250 terminal.  All of those that I've seen are ISA cards.

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