KRQ50/RRD40 problems

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Dec 18 16:45:40 CST 2006

>   I didn't have a cable to connect the drive and controller, so I made one.
> Is the cable just supposed to be a DB15M <-> DB15F with all pins wired
> straight thru?  Is there anything special about the cable?

Probably not a lot of help, but if that interface is the same physically 
as the DA15 connector on other Philips/LMS CD-ROMs, I have the service 
manual for the CDD462. It's little more than a schematic and an 
incomplete parts list (the CDD462 is based on an audio CD-player, and 
you're expected to have the service manual for that!), but it would 
contain the interface pinout. Let me know if you want me to dig it out.


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