HP3000 model 70 in Australia

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> Richard wrote:
> > Well it was my first computing experience, so I'm pretty sure it was a
> > 3000.  But given two old timers from my first computing group both
> > said it was a 2000, now I'm on a hunt for documents that will say
> > definitively :-).  Until then its my memory vs. their memory.
> You had to type something to log in, right?  How'd it start?
>   "HEL-" (2000)
>   "HELLO-" (2000)
>   "HELLO " (3000)

ISTR it was "HELLO".  (What I remember most was before the HELLO part
you did CR <digit> CR to select a machine from the port selector.
After that you were talking to the machine across town from your

> > I remember that on the HP we all used a "demo" account.  I can't
> > remember if the accounts on the HP were numeric or alphanumeric.
> HP2000 would be a letter followed by three digits, e.g. H999.

Doesn't sound familiar, but this was 1979 and I was 13 :-).

> HP3000 would be (at minimum) two labels, "user" and "account", of one
> to eight characters each separated by a period.  Could also have a
> "session name" label in front followed by a comma, and/or a "group"
> label at the end prefixed by a comma.)  First character of each label
> would be alphabetic, second and later characters alphanumeric.

Could it have been "DEMO,DEMO"?
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