early IC ident: Sperry 1M4

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Tue Dec 19 18:41:46 CST 2006

(Speaking of early ICs...)

Slim chance, but I'll ask:

I have a small plastic box of (what we now call) integrated circuits. Inside
are twenty-five (unused,NOS) 10-pin flat-pak ICs, but with pin 6 absent.
(Very cute, there is a cardboard holder with each IC nestled in it's own cutout
in the cardboard.) The ICs are stamped:

   SSI   <-- logo (Sperry Semiconductor Incorporated?)
   1M4   <-- type
   6546  <-- date code

On the box is a label with:


S.O.#: 20613         <-- Shipping Order # ?
CUST.P.O.#: 17762    <-- Purchase Order # ?

I like the term MicroNets, from a time when it was not universally agreed upon
to call them ICs.

Obviously I'm curious as to what they are - can't be too complex with 10 pins
and given the period - but before I sit down with an ohmmeter and power supply
figured I might as well ask if anybody might know. (Sperry made a lot of
stuff, so it's too much to presume they were used in UNIVACs, but when did
UNIVACs move to ICs?)

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