Modern compared to old (was: Re: Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance)

Adrian Graham witchy at
Wed Dec 20 16:34:26 CST 2006

On 20/12/06 12:31, "Alexandre Souza" <alexandre-listas at>

>> Don't get me started on the self-destructing properties of the 'new'
>> Laserjet 4250/4350 fusers.....
>     ??????????????????????????????????????????
>     Can you tell me (us?) more about that!?!

Briefly (and OT of course) the top roller in the fuser is a thin foil and it
manages to tear itself with not even a hint of user mangling. Once torn it
can drop bits of metal into the rest of the printer......

We don't know why or how it does it, HP don't know either.

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