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Wayne Johnson wsj at garlic.com
Wed Dec 20 17:48:30 CST 2006


I saw your post about, what ever happened to John Bell. We were friends in 
high school, but I lost touch with him.
Yesterday I learned he passed away. He is listed as deceased on our high 
school web site.

Do you know any other information about John?



The John Bell 6502 board used to be advertised in the back pages of pre-1980
Byte magazines, along with a selection of other JB cards.  I seem to recall
the 6502 card was minimal-chip system essentially aimed at "embedded
processor" type applications.  So I don't think it came with a preprogrammed
EPROM; you were expected to develop your own firmware for it.  They had
another bare board for a video display terminal based on an Intel 8085
(basically an implementation of the circuit in an Intel application note)
and they also sold some low-cost interface cards for Apple II parallel
interfacing using the 6522 VIA chips that were then popular in Commodore
Pets.  I remember building a couple of those JB interfaces for lab
experiments.  I wonder who "John Bell" was and whatever happened to him?

Arlen Michaels

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