ancient mac disk warrior ?

Tom Uban uban at
Thu Dec 21 08:18:37 CST 2006

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>>   I dunno how hard they are to find, but the post-2.0.x versions of FWB
>>> Hard Disk Toolkit support IDE.  I have a Power Computing install CD
>>> around here that has a bundled version 2.5, but it boots MacOS v8.  Will
>>> the PB 150 boot that?
>> I'm not certain if it would boot v8 or not. I'm guessing that it was
>> running v6 or v7.
> The 150 is a '030 PowerBook, so it will not boot OS 8 natively (it needs
> a hack like Born Again). It doesn't run System 6, so it must be running
> some form of System 7 (it came with 7.1 IIRC).
> Amazingly, Disk Warrior *should* work on this unit -- it does have 68K code
> and it does support IDE. Officially, it requires an '020 or better running
> 7.1 or higher and the 150 should support all that. On my DiskWarrior 3.0.3
> CD there is a complimentary copy of DiskWarrior 2.1.1 for Classic.
> It's 1.3MB, though, so you're going to need to find an external drive to
> boot from. This isn't going to fit on a Disk Tools floppy with the OS.

The 150 has an external SCSI port and I have an external CD drive which
works with it, so an ISO image that I could burn a CD from should work
ok, or at least let me see if there is anything to recover. It may be
that there has been a hardware failure which has rendered the drive


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