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Thu Dec 21 13:55:45 CST 2006

I am one of those seven recipients. I apologize for the lack of a 
response. I do greatly appreciate your taking the time and effort to 
send it to me. I did, also, in a sense fall into a black hole. My 
computer crashed shortly after received the package and I lost a great 
of email and contact information (of which your email address was one).

I have been busily entering it into Protel 99 (although I'm not as far 
along with that project as I'd like).

So, thank you for the article and your time. It IS greatly 

Douglas Wood

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From: Billy Pettit <Billy.Pettit at>
Date: Thursday, December 21, 2006 1:47 pm
Subject: TTL Calculator Project
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> Several months back, we talked about a calculator built from TTL.  
> It came
> from a 1970's article in Practical Electronics, an English Magazine.
> I had 7 requests for copies, which I mailed directly to the 
> requestors.Apparently they disappeared into a black hole, because 
> I didn't receive a
> single acknowledgement, let alone a thank you.
> So for those still interested, Al Kossow scanned my copy and 
> posted it on
> bitsavers:
> Cal_Jul72-Ma
> y73.pdf
> Billy

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