AP 120B

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Dec 21 15:01:07 CST 2006

kahrs wrote...
>> Now on epay:
>> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320063237143&fromMakeTrack=true
>> Looks very cool, but heavy.
>> I have the manuals for this thing somewhere I think.

To which richard replied...
> To what would this have been attached?  A PDP-11?

I have one of these. It's attached to a Data General Eclipse S/200. I have 
no desire for the FPS unit. While mine is attached to the data general, FPS 
made their FPU's able to connect to many different systems, not just DG. I 
believe I may have extensive docs on this unit. If not, they are still in 
transit to me from the prior owner.

This thing is fairly heavy. It obviously sucks serious amps too. The power 
cable for it is as big around as my wrist and very non-110-ish (it looks 
like some mainframe plugs I've seen). I opened the side cover and each card 
has similar (if not the same) numbers as the unit on ebay. One thing that 
strikes me about the unit is the density of circuitry. There appears to be 
very little circulation space between the cards or around them. The entire 
box is stuffed with ttl from corner to corner with little open space 
anywhere. Not sure how they kept it from burning up.

Perhaps related, perhaps not... my college had a 3rd party floating point 
processor attached to the IBM 4341. It was a large floor standing blue & 
white unit. I am fairly sure it said "Floating Point Systems" on it too.

Jay West

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