Weird disk drive

Sellam Ismail sellam at
Sat Dec 23 18:25:38 CST 2006

I've got the weirdest disk drive ever.

It's a standard 5.25" mounted inside a factory made metal enclosure.  It 
has a fixed power cord coming out the back with a power switch.  Inside is 
a simple power supply (transformer and a couple regulators and capacitors) 
that puts out +5V and +12V.  There's a power connector going into the disk 
drive power socket.

Here's the weird part: there is no data cable.  There is no port or 
connector or anything on the enclosure for a data cable.  There's not even 
a cut-out for a data cable.

It's basically just a disk drive that powers up and spins if you put a 
disk in it.  I initially thoughtt that it must be a degausser or 
something, but there's nothing inside that would indicate any such 

OK, I admit it.  I'm stumped.

No markings on the enclosure anywhere.

Any ideas?

Responses copied to me directly would be appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll 
follow any follw-up thread in the archives.

Happy Holidays!!


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