===== IBM system 34 SSP command ===

Frederic BOSSU F5INL at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 24 07:21:52 CST 2006


Does anyone know a way of listing the files of a diskette or a disk drive of a System 34 ? I tried the following SSP commands (normally used on S/36 computer), but it doesn't seem to work ...


After typing these commands, I was expecting something should appear on the CRT but nothing arrived, neither a list of files, nor an error message, even if I had to wait few seconds before the computer returns me the hand... 

I don't really understand what they mean by the verb DISPLAY in the OCL statement guide. Does it mean DISPLAY on the CRT ? DISPLAY on the PRINTER ? DISPLAY in a file ?... grrrr....

Merry X-mas to all, and thank you for your help.

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