an ADM-3A cam in tod...ay

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Wed Dec 27 14:07:24 CST 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-27 at 15:15 -0300, Alexandre Souza wrote:

> > I will use my normal cleaning procedure of toothbrush and tapwater, and 
> > letting things dry naturally.
> > Anyone have suggestions for the specific case of semi-dried Coke ?
>     Well, I cleaned an entire HP Laserjet 4 Plus of some 2 liters of coke.
>     I could write kilobytes of text, but simple thing: Put everything 
> submersed into water and a bit of a mild soap. Let it soak for one hour, 
> take it off and dismantle EVERYTHING in a sunny day. Let it on the sun all 
> day long to dry. YMMV. This is what I do to my M series keyboards (IBM 
> Rulez!).

    This is similar to the procedure I use.  After the soaking, however,
I run warmish tap water over it to remove any traces of soap.  I then
drizzle distilled water over it to remove the calcium in tap water, and
give it a quick immersion in an alcohol bath.  I do this, generally, for
keyboards that separate.  I don't like the picture of trying to dip an
ADM-3.  Slippery little buggers when soapy...

>     BTW, do you know how to clean burnt marks on CRTs? Let them facing the 
> sun for one, two or three hours, anything will vanish usually.

    Sorry, I can't buy this.  Phosphor material is burnt OFF the glass
by "burn-in," and no amount of sun will paint more on it.  You must be
talking about something else...


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