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> On 12/27/06, Jeff Walther <trag at io.com> wrote:
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> > This is a bit off-topic for the thread, but deals with the same
> > philosophy of selling question.
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> Well, I shopped on ebay for 8250 UART's. I saw 19 pieces listed for $0.75
> each. I offered best offer of $0.50 each for all. Of course I was
> but to my surprise the price was then raised to $2.75 a piece.  I am not
> sure whether it was a price error or a new model of business. Fortunately
> am not so eager to get those chips, and I bought some from others for
> a piece.
> vax, 9000
> > Jeff Walther
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The seller probably thinks you only needed a few for a dead machine and
jacked up the individual price. For smaller hard to find items it seems
ebayers tend to keep them high and collect dust looking for somebody in
desperate need then to sell them for a low price that is not worth their

I had problems trying to find 68K Mac VRAM SIMMs cheap on ebay (I needed the
slot in a machine for a card and decided to bump up the VRAM onboard instead
of using a separate card), I had to go to LEM Swap where people just about
give those items away since they generally don't care about the video color
depth on their machines, or if they do they get a decent video card. Granted
they are not that common, but $15 shipped for a couple sticks (especially
when the machine I wanted to upgrade needed 4 of them) is way too much.

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